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How to build the ultimate dab station? Smokers Pro Tips

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Hey, today we are talking about your dab station, what is a dab station? Well, a dad station is where you handle your business. Your go to area to dab, your place of zen and in general just the place that gives you the room you need to dab. Now we all have our own setups, but just down below are a few of the essentials that every dab station should have.

Protect Your Glass

No matter how much you spend on your pipe, glass is glass and glass can smash. Did you know that constantly putting your glass on a desk will cause little shockwaves to travel through it which can eventually after a period of time lead to small cracks? One way around this is to have mats on your dab station. Nothing super expensive just something simple like a rubber or silicone mat will greatly help you out and protect your glass. Also, mats tend to be heat resistant and also great in stopping your concentrates from sticking to them like they can a desk.

A Good Torch

We have all been in that situation where you are already and then BAM, your torch is no longer working. Really when you spend a buck on one at a local gas station what do you expect? Too many people cheap out on a torch and then wonder why it did not last. There are plenty of great torches on the market (SToK r_Mini for example) that will give you many years of use. It is also worth remembering to stay away from propane torches, even if you have one in the garage that you think will be ok just one time. These kind of torches burn far too hot and will damage your nail very quickly.

Carb Caps Are Awesome!

In an ideal world, everyone would have a carb cap. It ensures your dabs are full of flavor and many people once they have experienced this flavor never want to go back. Also, they can help with keeping things nice and clean. You really cannot go wrong with a carb cap just make sure the one you get is compatible with the piece you have.

Concentrate Storage

When it comes to keeping your concentrates properly stored. You want a good silicone container. The longer you let your concentrates just sit out, the more the terpenes will degrade and that means the flavor just will not be there. Keeping your concentrates clean can be a challenge, but it is made much easier by storing them in silicone containers. Use parchment paper to help preserve it in the container and it will stay nice and fresh. This means you are guaranteed a full flavor each time you use it!

A Good Mouthpiece

One thing that many glass owners have been super stoked about is mouthpieces. These are awesome as it makes sure that your smoke session is going to be germ free. You get all kinds of mouthpieces and some are pretty colorful and elaborate. If you use a mouthpiece, you are making sure that your mouth is not directly on your piece which helps keep germs away. Having a mouthpiece also means you can hook a buddy up with a hit and not have to worry about their germs getting all over your piece! 

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