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Top 3 Bubblers for Stealthy Smokers


So you want to smoke on the go? But you don't want to carry around a huge water pipe with you and you don't want to smoke out of a plastic vape. What else is there ? A joint or blunt would make the most sense but you don't get that intense rush of a carborated glass water pipe. Enter the Glass Bubbler.

Glass bubblers are perfect for smoking on the go. The size is no larger than most cellphones these days. All you need is some water and you are ready to spark.

Here are some of our choices for the best bubblers that are portability and function.

#3 EVO 8" Micro Mini Gridded Waffle Bubbler 

This bubbler features a removable mouth piece so you can easily put it away in a backpack or a even a pocket without the mouth piece protruding out.

The gridded waffle perc performs awesome. Great for flavorful flowers.

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#2 EVO Glass Recycler Matrix Bubbler

This bubb has 3 great things going for it.

1. its a recycler, if you have ever had stale smoke you will know how great of a bonus this is. 

2. it has a gridded matrix perc which will diffuse flower like a champ but won't over diffuse oil so this bubbler could be used for oil as well.

3. it has a removable mouthpiece so you can put it away in a bag easily

$60 See more

#1 EVO Glass Hammer Head Bubbler

Here is another bubbler with a removable mouthpiece. Noticing a trend? This Evo bubbler has a stereo hammer head perc which will filter double the ammount of diffusion.

This model is more intended for flower. The side firing perc will create more reclaim if use with oil. Will still work but won't perform as well.

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