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Pipes, Bongs & Dab Rigs

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Glass Bongs, glass is one of the best mediums to smoke out of. It is flavor neutral so it doesn't effect the flavor of your herbal blends in any way. No weird metallic taste or chemical plastic taste with glass. It also is much stronger than most cheap materials. If made correctly a borosilicate pyrex glass bong will last you many years of use. Glass doesn't stain easily so its not hard to keep clean and sparkling new. We have broken up our glass pipes into four main categories.

  • Spoons ( Small pocket sized dry herb glass pipes )

  • Bubblers ( Small travel sized hand held water fitered glass pipes )

  • Bong Water Pipes ( Medium to Large water filtered glass bong water pipes )

  • Dab Rigs ( Small to Medium sized water pipes designed mainly for concentrated oil dab use )

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