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How perfectly season your Titianium or Quartz Dab Nails - Smoker Pro Tips

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Us dabbers go to great lengths to make sure that our concentrates are as full of flavor as possible. The very first step to making sure this happens is seasoning the nail. Now just in case, you did not know, ceramic and glass nails do not require seasoning. It is quartz and titanium that do and that is what we are talking about today.

Why You Need To Season

Vaporization is what quartz and titanium heating elements are designed and used for. But if you were not to season them then they would have a rather nasty kind of taste. This is just a side effect of the way they are manufactured. Think of it like a new frying pan. You do not just start throwing stuff on a brand new pan! You need to give it a little seasoning first to make sure the first thing you heat with it is full of flavor.

What You Need You Know

Well, we already touched on this, but ceramic and glass nails do not need seasoning as they can break! If you have a cheaper quartz nail check that it has not been made with glass as it will break. Likewise with quartz, sometimes it is cut with other things which can result in it shattering! Just make sure the nail you have is actually quartz or titanium before your season it.

How To Season Your Titanium And Quartz Nail

Here we have a simple to follow guide that shows just how easy it is to season your nail.

You will need,

Your nail (remembering to make sure it is quartz or titanium)

A torch

A regular old cup of water

Some ice

A set of smaller sized pliers

Just a safety notice here, but please make sure you have pliers! Always use pliers and not your hand as you will burn yourself if you try to just use your hand.

Step 1: Fill a cup with some water and add a few ice cubes

Step 2: Using your pliers grab your nail by the joint

Step 3: Use your torch to heat the outside

Step 4: Keep on heating until your nail is hot. As this is a brand new nail, it will not have a red glow so you will have to judge when it is hot.

Step 5: Once it is really hot, still using the pliers, put the nail under water. Make sure the whole thing is submerged and do not be freaked out by the noise and the steam, it is actually kind of cool! Hold it there for about ten seconds.

Step 6: Take the nail out of the water and give it a good shake to dry it.

Step 7: Repeat the process a few times. Most people say that three times is the ideal amount.

Once you have done all these steps your nail is seasoned. There is no need to waste concentrates by mixing them with jelly! Which is what some guides will tell you to do! Just follow these steps and the first time you use your new nail, you will be amazed at the awesome flavor

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