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Carb Caps, how they changed the game of dabbing - Smokers Pro Tips

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Why The Carb Cap Is More Important Than You Think!

We know that more than a few dabbers out there think that a carb cap is just some kind of fancy accessory that is not really needed. But that is not actually true as they really can help dabbers get the most out of any domeless nails they have. This allows them to really make sure they are able to enjoy every bit of oil.

What If I Do Not Use One?

Well if you are someone who is dabbing without using a carb cap then what you are doing is always making it so there is cold air flowing into the chamber. This cold air is going to cool down your oil far more than you would think and as a result, it prevents you from really being able to get the most out of your terps as it does not allow you to really enjoy and savor the flavor it offers. Those who do not use a carb cap will have to use really a high temperature which is not the best thing to do as it can wreck terps and it makes smoking really rough.

What Makes A Carb Cap So Great?

There are two awesome functions that a carb cap offers you. These are heat retention and also airflow restriction. Basically, these two amazing functions will really ensure that your dabbing is a flavor filled experience that will make you wonder why you have not been using a carb cap all your life!

The way it works is that there are small holes in a carb caps. These holes are what are going to work extra hard to make sure that there is not as much air getting around the nail. This makes it so you dabbers are really able to enjoy the flavor of your oil as there is not as much oxygen which actually dilutes the flavor. So this is why restricting the airflow is such a good thing.

In terms of heat retention, the nail will be able to stay at a stable hot temperature for a much longer period of time. The carb cap keeps the hot air around the nail, kind of like an oven. It makes it much easier to figure out what the perfect dabbing temperature is for you and as a result, the flavor is just out of this world.

You Got To Try Quality Flavor Zone Caps!

Quality Flavor Zone Caps or as they are known by the cool kids, QFZ Caps are on of if not the most popular style of carb cap. It was actually QHeffner who really set the tone with this style, but now many of the other big companies like Empire Glassworks and Cap Stars are all in on QFZ caps. What a Quality Flavor Zone cap does is, it will fit really tightly on a quartz banger thanks to a cylinder the airflow is only going to happen in the very center of the cap.

Dabbers have really taken to QFZ caps and as well as making sure the flavor is really intense they are super collectible. This is because some companies like Empire Glassworks go that extra mile and have cool little decorations on their carb caps. If you are a high roller kind of dabber (and have a lot of spare cash) some of the rarer QHeffner ones have gone for over a thousand bucks!

Trust us when we tell you, you have never experienced the full flavor until you have used a carb cap. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to shoot them over and we will help you out. 

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