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Why you need a bubbler? - Smoker Pro Tips

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While you can get hand pipes in all kinds of cool and funky shapes, designs and sizes, for example, you have the very popular and famous Sherlock and things like the Steamroller design that many people like. There is nothing wrong with a good hand pipe and most smokers will have at least one somewhere. But as easy to use and easy to get as hand pipes are they really do not offer any kind of filtration at all. For some people, this is not an issue, but for those who are looking for a much smoother kind of smoking session, a bubbler is what you need to be thinking about. 

So we are not saying that you need to ditch your old faithful hand pipe altogether, but knowing why a bubbler is a great thing to have for those days and nights when you want a nice smooth smoke is not a bad thing at all.

So Why Should I Get A Bubbler?

Well with a bubbler you are getting a lot of what you get with a dry pipe. You are getting that ease of use that convenience that a dry pipe offers. As well as this you are also getting the portability, although there are some pretty incredible designs of bubblers out there. If you can use a dry pipe then you can use a bubbler. So that is the main reason as to why you should get one.

Now we said that there are some incredible designs of bubblers, but we are really underselling that. You see some of the designs of the glass bubblers are insane and they are only limited by the imagination of the glassblower creating it. For example, you can get bubblers that are in the shape of a snake, a vase and all other kinds of cool stuff. What makes this awesome is that a more elaborate bubbler does not have to be hidden away. They look so nice that you can leave it out and it serves as a decorative piece too. If you are into the whole glass collecting scene then you will love how many different designs of bubbler there are.

What About Filtration?

Most of the bubblers that you will find tend to have diffusers that at the most will have three holes. They are pretty simple but very effective. What is great is that these diffusers while very simple do just an amazing job of making sure you get the perfect and smooth hit. We have all had that rough and cough inducing kind of hit, you do not get that with a bubbler as the filtration is just right on point and you will wonder where it has been all your life.

No matter if you want some kind of show piece bubbler that you can show off to all your buddies… all the while getting the ultimate and smooth high. Or if you want something more compact that you can carry around with you. We know our stuff about bubblers and are happy to point you in the right direction of the right bubbler for you. 

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