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STARBUCKS FRAPPUCCINO BONGSThe world of weed gets a little wacky sometimes, especially when glass artists start to make frappuccino bongs. In fact, there’s a long tradition of making crazy glass smoking gear that’s both stylish and functional.For most people, it’s all part of the fun. But apparently, Starbucks feels differently. The giant coffee corporation just [...]

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​ California’s Proposition 64: Understanding The Downside

There are several logical reasons for voters in California to support Proposition 64 on November 8. Also known as AUMA, or the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, the ballot initiative will, if it passes, allow adults to legally possess, consume, and share cannabis and concentrates. But most highly politicized social policy debates feature a downside. [...]

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Marijuana Totally Legal In California, Dudes; Prop 64 Passes

(AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)As was well predicted by polls, Prop 64, the legalization of recreational marijuana has passed in California, with KTLA reporting that the initiative will pass.The AP is saying that only 20 percent of California precincts are reporting as of this post, but 56 percent of the state's votes are going Yes on 64, [...]

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3 Myths about Color Quartz

credit : SponsoredBlack Sheep Gallery of California, a well-known and trusted manufacturing company servicing American head shops since 2007, has invested in SGS (a global safety-standard testing organization) in order to resolve a major controversy surrounding their newest product release: Color Quartz Banger.Since the dab trend, the preferred choice of dab nails are ceramic, titanium, or [...]

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Top 5 reasons Glass is the best to smoke weed out of.

When it comes to smoking, there are allot of options out there, papers, blunts, metal pipes, acrylic plastic, ceramic, glass, and now even quartz and electronic pens. I’m going to talk about the three most popular mediums today for the novice smoker. When you go to your first smoke shop you will be presented with [...]

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Top 5 Reasons you need to start using a Carb Cap.

Carb caps have been around now for a few years and we have noticed most our customers who are buying a nail for the first time opt not get a cap. Then weeks later they come back and end up picking one up. So we put together this list to help explain the benefits of [...]

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How to properly measure a downstem for a Bong Water Pipe

How to Measure a Glass Downstem for a Water BongWe get asked this question allot here at so we wrote up this article to help you find that perfect size for your bong.Water pipes or water bongs are one of the most popular smoking devices out there. The system is simple: smoke passes through water before it [...]

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Low Temp Dabs Vs. High Temp Dabs

Source : dab or not to dab is no longer the question. The question, is at which temperature should we dab? Well I was recently introduced to the joys of low temp dabbing.So what is low temp dabbing?Low temp dabbing is when you take a dab at a lower temperature and cover the heating source [...]

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Diffusion, how much is too much?

We here at get asked allot about what type of percolator filter type is best. How much diffusion should you get for the perfect hit or dab? Well the answer to that question is..... It depends! What type of smoker are you? Do you like taking large draws or small? Do you prefer a smooth taste or flavorful? Do you enjoy flower or [...]

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​How to Use a Carb Cap

Many bong users want to know whether using a carb cap is really worth it. Some think it is essential for domeless nails without slits on the bottom of the dish. Capping domeless nails does allow you to breathe out while retaining vapor when you take a strong dab. Needless to say, using a carb cap does have its [...]

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