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​How to Season Quartz Nails

Ready to take your first dab? While nothing should keep you away from your dab rig when you bring it home, there are some preparatory rites (such as seasoning) that you should be acquainted with. These affect not only the flavor of the dab, but also your health and hygiene. Plus, taking a few minutes before using your accessories [...]

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How to Measure a Ground Glass Joint Size

Users, especially those with less experience, can get overwhelmed by the data on ground glass joint sizes. When you search online, there’s an overwhelming amount of information that can be difficult to process. This is because there are so many types of glass, and when we get to the accessories, the list keeps getting longer.The truth, however, is that [...]

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How to use glass extractor tubes and not blow yourself up

Disclaimer : This is for educational purposes only, do not try this at home.With the rising popularity of growing your own gardens and the good old do it yourself American nature. Thousands of Americans make their own custom concentrates using glass extractor tubes as well as high tech closed loop systems. BHO or butane honey [...]

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Whats the right way to properly season a Titanium Nail?

How To Properly Season Your Titanium NailBelow are three points to consider before seasoning your titanium nail.Keep It NaturalAlthough there is often a debate on the various formulas for seasoning DAB nail, some methods work better than others. My opinion has always been to take a natural and balanced approach. Simply by using titanium nail at low temperatures you can build [...]

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Is quartz making ceramic obsolete?

With the new wave of high quality low cost Quartz, is there any room for ceramic left in the market?There are still some diehard loyalist's sticking to their milky white nails but the numbers are clear - ceramic is in decline.

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